1. Where can I get the MarkdownMe source code?

MarkdownMe is a proprietary software. The source code is not available to the public.

2. What is the MarkdownMe support cycle?

No support cycle dates have been set yet. You can contact us and ask your questions through the usual support channels (forum, support form, etc.)

3. Windows has blocked the installation of MarkdownMe (Could not verify publisher identity)

This is a Windows security measure. If you downloaded MarkdownMe from our website you can ignore this warning and use the software with confidence.

4. I have downloaded an update from MarkdownMe but I cannot install it (The product is already installed)

Uninstall the previous version before installing the update.

5. Special characters are not displayed when I open my Markdown documents elsewhere

This may be because the document has been saved with ANSI character encoding instead of UTF-8. Try saving the document again in that encoding.

6. When I export my documents to PDF some images (or none) are saved

You probably have internet connection problems or the images are no longer available.